Payment Gateway Features

Software pricing


We charge the same monthly fee calculated on the number of payments, regardless of SaaS or on‑premises deployment. The classic model of purchasing a one-time license is also available.

Monthly fee formula

Number of payments * Cost per payment

Only successful payments are included in the monthly fee calculation. Multiple transactions in a single order (authorization, charge, refund) are considered a single payment.

The cost per payment depends on the volume. The higher the volume, the lower the cost.

As low as

0.018 EUR

per payment

No onboarding expenses

  • Setup fee – from 0 EUR
  • Go live support – 0 EUR
  • Basic support – 0 EUR
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The same pricing model applies to all Boxopay`s products

We don`t hide any features under a paywall on either of our models, lease or license

Thus, if you start for example as a PSP with our Payment Gateway you still have all of the features relevant to acquirers. The same applies to all our products.

Software deployment options

You can upgrade from SaaS to on‑premises at any time.

SaaS On-premises


Faster time-to-market with lower costs


Total control over technology and data

  • Merchant and transaction data
  • Stored on our servers
  • Under your full control
  • Infrastructure
  • Private cloud on our side
  • Cloud or dedicated servers on your side
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certification
  • No need, we’ll handle it
  • Comprehensive audits of both infrastructure and software needed
  • Tech staff
  • Software engineer
  • System administrator and software engineer
  • Launch time
  • ≈ 4 weeks
  • ≈ 5 months
  • Initial costs
  • There is an option to start for free
  • Costs for infrastructure and software setup as well as for PCI DSS certification are necessary
  • Software costs
  • Software leasing monthly fee
  • Software leasing monthly fee / one-time payment for the license
  • Ongoing costs
  • Infrastructure monthly fee
  • No additional costs / annual license support fee
  • Basic software support
  • For free
  • For free
  • Software updates
  • Up to 2 times/month
  • Up to 2 times/month
  • Software updates implementation
  • On our side
  • On your side
  • Full API documentation and Knowledge base
  • Provided on the onboarding stage
  • Provided on the onboarding stage

Explore our end-to-end business solutions

Turnkey PSP with SaaS-based payment gateway

Turnkey PSP with SaaS-based payment gateway

Start generating income within a mere 4 weeks, with no capital expenses or infrastructure required.

Learn more
Turnkey PSP with on-premises payment gateway

Turnkey PSP with on-premises payment gateway

Begin your business within 5 months without any development resources on your side.

Learn more

Product delivery
and maintenance services


Deployment and setup

On-premises SaaS

In this case, you have to build your own infrastructure, deploy and configure the software, as well as obtain PCI DSS Level 1 certification. You can handle all these tasks yourself, or pass them on to us, either partially or completely.


Infrastructure setup


Application deployment and configuration


PCI DSS Level 1 certification

On your own


We provide basic consultations and all necessary documentation so that you can execute the project independently.

By Boxopay

custom price

We provide a turnkey setup handling all the tasks and executing the project in the shortest timeframe possible.

Implementation options

We host your software‑as‑a‑service in our own PCI DSS Level 1 certified infrastructure, and the application is deployed on separate isolated servers, providing a higher level of security, improved performance, and dynamic scalability. All that’s left is to brand and configure the software.

1,000 EUR

monthly infrastructure fee

Branding and go live


  • Branding of the platform.
  • Conducting webinars for the customer’s employees.
  • Live support via Slack / Telegram.
  • Assisting with configuring third-party integrations.
  • Assisting with onboarding the first client.
  • Assisting with configuring the software.
  • Assisting with conducting the first production transaction.
  • Less


custom price
  • Additional third-party
  • Various integration and technical certification tasks with card schemes and third parties.

Ongoing support


  • Free software updates with enhancements and new features.
  • Free hotfixes for critical bugs and security issues.
  • Free support via helpdesk — up to 20 hours per month.


custom price
  • Personal success manager.
  • Expert fintech consulting.

Additional services

Boost your capabilities with add-ons, receive expert support, and fast-track your goals.

Tailor-made features
custom price

Tailor-made features

If you need unique features not currently available in our products, we’ll design and seamlessly integrate them for you.

Custom FinTech development
custom price

Custom FinTech development

Our team, comprised of over 30 engineers with a decade of experience each, is ready to tackle any business challenge – even those beyond our existing products.

Expert consulting
custom price

Expert consulting

With our unique experience supporting paytechs globally, we’re ready to advise you on decision-making and assist with specific tasks, including obtaining EMI/PI licenses.


Let's tailor the perfect solution for you

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