Payment Gateway Features

Launch the acquiring business you have in mind fast, cost-effective, and low-risk

Reduce costs and overcome your tech and business challenges with our all-in-one white-label acquiring software, provider environment, comprehensive merchant functionality, and advanced consulting services for your predictable development.

Launch the acquiring business you have in mind fast, cost-effective, and low-risk
Launch the acquiring business you have in mind fast, cost-effective, and low-risk

Selected features of the Boxopay’s payment gateway

for merchants

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • UnionPay
  • 3D Secure 2.0

    3-D Secure 2.0

  • Recurring payments

    Recurring payments

  • Tokenization


  • Multicurrency


  • Visa
  • mastercard

for acquirers

90% of business processes automated

90% of business processes automated

Fast onboarding functionality

Fast onboarding functionality

AI-based antifraud engine

AI-based antifraud engine

Integration with a card processing provider

Integration with a card processing provider

Conversion maximization toolkit

Conversion maximization toolkit

PCI DSS Comliant level 1

PCI DSS Comliant level 1

First-in-class solution for modern acquirers’ go-to-market

We have foreseen all the issues your business might face

Support from experts with 10 years of experience

Success cases of 8 acquirers, launched worldwide

Powerful combination of software solutions and services

Start a company 10x easier, faster, and cheaper than if you built it yourself

Ready-to-use software solution

Reduce time to market

  • Get a multi-tenant platform with different applications for you and your merchants.
  • Save thousands of development hours.
  • Overcome the risk of creating non-working solutions.
  • Get a solution that far outperforms existing enterprise banking software.
Software lease pricing

Pay as you earn

  • Save your entire software development budget.
  • Pay 0 EUR for setup fees.
  • Benefit from cost-effective payment-for-transaction pricing.
  • Save your money until you start earning, and turn production costs into operating expenses.
On-premises software

Take full control over your brand, tech, and data

  • Host our white-label acquiring software on your own cloud or on-premises infrastructure.
  • Prevent vendor lock.
  • Be flexible in your future business model development.
  • Get 2 times per month software updates.
  • Try a SaaS option in the first stage to accelerate your time to market.
Turnkey acquirer

Get end-to-end business development

  • Gain full business support at every step until your first transaction.
  • Get licensing and certification support.
  • Save time with ready integration with a card processing provider.
  • Enrich your basic platform with advanced solutions, including intelligent antifraud and interfaces for payment systems.
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Turn on a powerful toolkit for your acquiring bank business management

Acquirer capabilities
Acquirer capabilities

Automate processes, reduce business costs, and scale stably

  • Automate and manage most of your business processes in a single window.
  • Save hundreds of hours of manual work.
  • Prevent human errors.
  • Keep the system sustainable while significantly increasing transactions.
Merchant capabilities
Merchant capabilities

Engage merchants of any size and type

  • Serve small and medium merchants with fast onboarding, e-invoicing, a hosted payment page, and a feature-rich merchant portal.
  • For large ones, digital portals, and fintechs we provide robust API, recurring, split, and OCT payments; multi-project and multi-currency management; dynamic descriptors; and other features they need.

Acquirer capabilities

Get a full-functional business management system

that covers activities of all your departments and lets you set up access rules for each role

C-level managers
Sales manager
KYC managers
Risk managers
Security specialist

Smart processing

Eliminate business risks and maximize conversion rates automatically


Set up your own business flow and escape from time-consuming manual work


Get a full set of automatically generated reports for payment systems and merchants


Get data-driven insights to improve your business model and merchant service

Maximize your and your merchants’ revenue





Risk management

Multi-currency payment processing

Set up available currencies in which your merchants can get payments and the basic currency they pay for your services. Operate with any currency and automatically update exchange rates.

Payment routing

With Boxopay you are able to work with payment systems directly or connect with one or several payment processing providers. Use payment routing functionality to improve your income model.

Basic antifraud engine

Calculates a payment suspiciousness score based on information about the buyer’s card number, email, IP address, etc. According to the routing rules and depending on the risk value, the payment can be processed by 3-D Secure, rejected, or sent to a specific terminal.

Limits engine

Automatically make transactions compliant with the conditions defined in the agreement with the merchant. Set up groups of customizable rules for which fulfillments reject the payment or send it for 3-D Secure processing.

Risk management system

Get notified when the conditions you specified about the number and amount of authorizations are met.

Automate your routine and reduce business costs

Fast onboarding

Tariffs setup


Financial accounting

Fast merchant onboarding and management

Automatically onboard merchants after completing KYC procedures and verifying documents via dedicated API. The merchant receives back office and API credentials and is ready to process transactions in less than 10 minutes. Customize merchant settings anytime after onboarding.

Tariffs and rolling reserve setup

Define your rules to charge commissions, fixed or percentage, for any currencies and transaction types. Configure the amount and terms for rolling reserve.


Set up simple and clear manual or automatic reconciliation for multiple projects, payment methods, and currencies. Load and unload documents via API, CSV, Excel, XML, and UFX files. Use scheduling.

Financial accounting

Empower your back-office team with control and reporting tools for double-entry accounting, including incoming and expense statistics, the total and detailed debts, income with a profit withdrawal option, and actual working capital in real-time. Use a set of accounting reports.

Keep your business and tech healthy


Monitoring system

Analytics dashboard

Monitor your and your merchants’ business performance in real-time dashboards. Use any convenient data display type, and get exhaustive statistics about conversion rates, orders, chargebacks, cash flows, acceptance rates, and payment methods.

Monitoring system

Detect errors and decreasing payment conversions – in time with a smart notification system that matches your custom settings.

More about features for acquirers

Merchant capabilities

Leave your competitors behind with in-demand merchant capabilities

    Payment flows

  • 3-D Secure payments
  • Payment without CVV
  • Recurring payment
  • One-click payments
  • OCT payouts
  • AFT payments
  • Split payments
  • SMS and DMS payments
  • Payments with AVS

    Payment interfaces

  • Payment page
  • Payment link
  • E-invoice
  • Server-to-server
  • Web view for mobile

    Payment methods

  • All card types
  • Google Pay, Apple Pay

Payment processing management via Merchant portal or Robust API

Enhance your income sources, providing API-first capabilities for PSPs, ISOs & MSPs, and payment facilitators.

  • Multi-project architecture

    to manage several business branches

  • Order management

    to track order and commission details

  • Multicurrency personal account

    to accept payments from different regions

  • Payment management

    to track all charges and chargebacks

  • Payment page settings

    to make custom branding and UX

  • Client management

    to segment users and operate with blacklists

  • A/B testing

    to increase payment page conversion rate

  • Access management

    to keep a system secure and improve business processes

  • Analytics dashboard

    to check conversion rate, revenue and payouts in real time

  • Reconciliation

    to control commissions for all transactions and save money

  • Fiscalization

    to send data to tax authorities automatically

  • Action logs

    to find the causes of errors and problems

Get services for developing a turnkey acquiring bank and focus on merchant engagement

Benefit from our holistic approach to business environment development with advanced solutions and services

Ready-made integration with a card processing provider

Ready-made integration with a card processing provider

Save your time and money on choosing a card processing solution and integrating with it. Use our ready-made integration with a trustworthy, highly-effective, and modern service provider. 0 EUR setup and integration fees.

Headless interface for direct integration with VISA/Mastercard

Headless interface for direct integration with VISA/Mastercard

Increase your revenue by bypassing external card processing providers with your own connectors, using modern API for authorizations, clearing, and settlement document exchange.

AI-based fraud prevention engine

AI-based fraud prevention engine

Empower a basic white-label payment acquiring solution with self-learning antifraud software, allowing significantly increased payment conversion rates and saving you from chargeback risks. Usually, we host it on our side and provide it by a SaaS model.

Support with PCI DSS assessment

Support with PCI DSS assessment

We lead you through every step in building a server infrastructure and completing PCI DSS Level 1 assessment, including risk assessments, employee training, and creating policies, procedures, and security control tools.

Support with finance licensing

Support with finance licensing

We help you on every assessment stage of PI, EMI, or bank licensing, including initial paperwork, company formation, license application, official documents coordination, and FCA decision. We operate with a 100% success rate.

Visa/Mastercard principal/affiliate member project management

Visa/Mastercard principal/affiliate member project management

We cover all issues entirely, helping you receive a principal or affiliate member status and manage all regular interactions with payment systems, including reporting, billing, business administration, and onboarding of new employees and partners.

Learn more about business success services

Enhance your value for merchants and earn more

White-label Merchant App
White-label Merchant App

Conquer new markets and unlock opportunities by converting small-medium merchants. Provide them with a self-service omnichannel commerce mobile app that enables an enterprise-grade all-in-one business solution.

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KYC onboarding
KYC Onboarding

Speed up client onboarding and free up to 70% of compliance team resources with our omnichannel customer onboarding automation solution.

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Loyalty management
Loyalty Management

Increase your total revenue by providing merchants with a customer retention solution. Multiply their transactions with an integration of the payment page and loyalty management software.

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Acquirer processing
Acquirer Processing

A full-fledged core and business software for processing companies providing high-tech solutions for modern acquirers.

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Card scheme gateway
Card Scheme Gateway

A low-level software for direct connection to Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay networks and gaining VisaNet processor and MSP statuses.

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Card Issuing / BaaS
Card Issuing / BaaS

Get a modern card issuing and account management solution to serve your end-clients and fintechs. Take an advantage of a unified API, full-featured business management back-office, digital banking, and white-label neobank app.

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