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Turnkey PSP with SaaS-based payment gateway 

Begin making profits in just 4 weeks, without upfront costs and building infrastructure. Ensure limitless scaling and evolution capabilities.

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Setup of isolated private cloud


Deploy, branding and configuration of payment gateway


Payment providers integration


Comprehensive launch support

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Utilize our PCI DSS Level 1

Initial costs from 0 EUR

No need for the tech team

What comes with a SaaS payment gateway for PSP?


Software setup and configuring

Software Deployment and Setup

We deploy our SaaS payment management solution on isolated cloud infrastructure utilizing our PCI DSS Level 1 certification. You gain a ready-to-go branded platform with the same features as the on-premises setup.

  • Isolated private cloud setup.
  • Payment gateway deployment and configuration.
  • Platform and payment page branding.

Integration setup and go live

Integration Setup and Go live

We will implement integrations with payment providers and guide you through merchant onboarding carefully walking you till the very launch. While we offer ready-made integrations with popular acquirers and payment providers, we can also develop any connector on-demand.

  • Custom payment provider connectors development (if applicable).
  • Setup of connectors to payment providers.
  • Assistance with onboarding and configuration of the first merchant.
  • Onboarding into the knowledge base and helpdesk system.

Ongoing software support

Ongoing Software Support

After launch, we will support you along the road. You will have a monthly dedicated quota for the helpdesk to address any other questions and a few releases per month with updates and hotfixes without any additional costs.

  • Free software updates with enhancements and new features.
  • Free hotfixes for critical bugs and security issues.
  • Free support through our helpdesk.
  • On-demand extended support as needed.
  • On-demand custom developments tailored to your requirements.

Enjoy the genuinely easy and affordable entry with our SaaS payment gateway


Monthly fee

Turn capital expenses into operational ones by paying solely for successfully processed payments. As the number of payments rises, the cost per payment decreases.

Monthly fee formula
Number of payments * Cost per payment + Infrastructure fee

As low as
0.018 EUR
per payment
Infrastructure fee
1,000 EUR

Ongoing support

Receive consulting services for the basic configuration and operation of the software, along with regular updates and client support via our helpdesk.

Our services


Extensions for custom price

  • Personal success manager.
  • Business expert consulting.
  • On-demand support through messengers.
One-time services

Infrastructure and software setup

Our services


Integration setup and go live

Our services


Custom integrations

Our software is already integrated with popular payment services, but we're here to connect any specific provider you need.

Our software is already integrated with popular payment services, but we're here to connect any specific provider you need.

Our services

Price per 1 provider from 2,000 EUR

We provide a user-friendly API for carrying out independent integrations with acquirers and payment providers.

On your own

We provide a user-friendly API for carrying out independent integrations with acquirers and payment providers.


Support in obtaining an EMI/PI license

We assist you at each phase of EMI/PI licensing, covering initial paperwork, company formation, license application and beyond.

Price upon request

Tailor-made feature development

If you require exclusive features not currently offered in our SaaS payment system, we’ll design and seamlessly integrate them for you.

Price upon request
Additional services
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Want to control your business and tech completely?

Explore on-premises payment gateway solution

  • Total control over your merchant and transaction data
  • All the necessary functionality to evolve into an acquirer
  • Same advantageous leasing pricing model
  • Assistance in the on-prem setup and PCI DSS Level 1 certification
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need PCI DSS certification?

No, you don’t need it. We provide you with infrastructure and software, certified to PCI DSS Level 1, allowing you to integrate with any acquirer.

Can you integrate with the acquirer I'm interested in?

We offer pre-built connectors for leading payment processing solutions. At the same time, we can develop on-demand integration with various acquirers, payment service providers, aggregators, and non-card payment methods, including cash-in terminals, QR payment systems, instant SEPA, and more.

Do I need tech experts to support the software?

We handle all aspects of PCI DSS compliance, infrastructure administration, and SaaS payment platform updates. However, you’ll need an operational engineer for the merchant onboarding and support.

Can you support my merchants?

Currently, we don’t provide services for supporting and maintaining your clients. Nevertheless, we’re open to discussing each case on an individual basis.

Will my PSP have shared hosting with other companies?

We host your payment gateway-as-a-service on a private cloud, and the application is deployed on separate isolated servers, providing a higher level of security, improved performance, and dynamic scalability.

Do I have to pay more for infrastructure as my transaction volumes go up?

No, we handle the scaling operations of a SaaS payment solution at our own expense.

Is it possible for me to migrate to an on-premises solution?

Yes, absolutely. Our SaaS payment solution is ready for a seamless migration on-premises and transformation to an acquirer platform. The software cost will remain the same, and you can continue to pay only for processed payments without purchasing a license. We, in turn, can assist with turnkey deployment and launch of the system on your premises, including obtaining PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

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