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Turnkey PSP with on-premises payment gateway

Launch your business in 5 months without any development resources on your side. Obtain a white-label PSP with top-notch functionality in your own private infrastructure.

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Infrastructure setup services


On-prem software deployment


PCI DSS Level 1 certification


Comprehensive launch support

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What comes with
an on-premises payment gateway for PSP?


Product-business alignment

Product-Business Alignment

Together, we will dive into the gateway’s features, align them with your business requirements and outline a detailed project plan.

  • Preparing a high-level design scheme.
  • Preparing BRD and detailed project plan.
  • Outlining a set of required cloud or hardware resources.
  • Onboarding into the knowledge base and helpdesk system.


Infrastructure Setup

We’ll handle the entire infrastructure organization fast and in the most cost-efficient way.

  • Organizing secure access, software deployment and update-delivery systems.
  • Deploying sandbox & production environments.
  • Configuring OS, system components, software and services.
  • Configuring application redundancy.
  • Setting up miscellaneous for bringing infrastructure into PCI DSS compliant-state.

Software deployment and setup

Software Deployment and Setup

We’ll deploy, pre-configure and ensure the proper functioning of our gateway on your infrastructure.

  • Deploying and configuring software in sandbox and production environments.
  • Installing and configuring the Secure Software Module.
  • Preparing and configuring 3-D Secure Server (if applicable).
  • Conducting 3-D Secure PI-tests (if applicable).
  • Configuring application monitoring.

PCI DSS Level 1 certification

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

We’ll take care of certification, following a proven path.

  • Consulting on choosing an auditor company and defining an audit scope.
  • Setting up document management system.
  • Preparing application documentation for certification.
  • Preparing regulations and procedures for certification.
  • Turnkey handling of the PCI DSS Level 1 audit project.

Integration setup and go live

Integration Setup and Go live

We’ll make your business launch seamless and headache-free.

  • Configuring connector to the payment provider.
  • Branding of admin back office, merchant back office and payment page.
  • Onboarding of the first merchant.
  • Conducting first production transaction.
  • Assisting in handling the first settlement with the payment provider and merchants.

Ongoing software support

Ongoing Software Support

You can grow your business confidently by relying on our services.

  • Free software updates with enhancements and new features.
  • Free hotfixes for critical bugs and security issues.
  • Free support via helpdesk.
  • On-demand extended support.
  • On-demand custom developments.

What is the price of
our on-premises payment solution?


Software leasing

Typically, deploying a self-hosted payment gateway involves purchasing a license. Our model allows you to avoid upfront capital expenses. Pay only for successfully processed payments when the business starts generating profit.

0.018 EUR
per payment

Ongoing support

Get consulting for the basic configuration and operation of the software, regular updates, enhancements, and client support via the helpdesk.

Our services



Infrastructure setup

Our services

36,000 EUR

If you plan to build the infrastructure and obtain certification on your own.

On your own

If you plan to build the infrastructure and obtain certification on your own.


Software setup & certification

Our services PCI DSS Level 1 certification costs included

45,000 EUR

We provide detailed technical documentation if you plan to set up the software independently.

On your own

We provide detailed technical documentation if you plan to set up the software independently.


Acquirers integration

Our services

Price per 1 acquirer from 2,000 EUR

We provide a user-friendly API for carrying out independent integrations.

On your own

We provide a user-friendly API for carrying out independent integrations.


Want to reduce one-time costs and speed up time to market?

Try the SaaS-based white-label PSP

  • x5 faster project launch
  • No infrastructure and software setup costs
  • Utilize our PCI DSS Level 1
  • No need for the tech team
Learn more
Try the SaaS-based white-label PSP

With Boxopay you get much more than payment gateway software

We’ll be your dependable partner every step of the way.

Expert guidance
  • All-encompassing FinTech business advisory.
  • Consulting on obtaining an EMI/PI license.
  • Personal success manager.
Ensuring your business agility
  • Tailor-made feature development.
  • All necessary features to evolve from PSP to the acquirer.
  • Variety of value-added products that expand gateway capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you brand the platform according to my company’s style guide?

Yes, branding of the merchant portal and hosted payment page is included in our standard on-premises payment gateway service package. Additionally, we offer a multilingual system and can optionally add new languages for your merchants.

Can you integrate with the acquirer I’m interested in?

We have ready-made connectors for the most popular payment processing solutions. We can integrate with any acquirers, payment service providers, aggregators, and non-card payment instruments, such as cash-in terminals, QR payment systems, fast SEPA, etc.

Can I deploy the system on cloud servers?

We offer two deployment options for our on-premises payment gateway solution:

  1. On dedicated servers managed by virtualization systems like VMware or Proxmox.
  2. On cloud services such as AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and others.

Do I need a 3-D Secure server?

No, you don’t. Our solution includes a built-in 3-D Secure server that enables processing 3-D Secure 2.0 transactions. You can use it if your acquirer does not support this functionality.

What staff is needed to support the infrastructure?

After deploying the infrastructure, we conduct a standardized project handover procedure. For ongoing support, you’ll need a system administrator to ensure PCI DSS compliance and implement updates, as well as a software engineer to maintain the application and serve customers. However, in the early stages, these roles can be combined into one specialist.

What level of PCI DSS compliance do I need to achieve?

There are four levels based on the annual transaction volume. Typically, PSPs achieve the highest PCI DSS Level 1, which involves undergoing a comprehensive audit.

Can I engage my own PCI DSS Level 1 auditor?

Absolutely. If you’re building your infrastructure independently, you’ll need your auditor. When we handle this task, we recommend our affiliate expert. Not only does it save you a lot of time, but it also gives you an affiliate discount.

Can I eventually integrate with Visa/Mastercard as a principal member?

Yes, our functionality allows you to seamlessly transform your business from a PSP to an acquirer, as well as integrate with any acquirer processor and payment scheme.

Can I set up a payment orchestrator business model using your product?

Absolutely. As your on-premises payment gateway provider we can ensure an unlimited number of integrations with acquirers, PSPs, and aggregators. We also have robust routing and cascading functionality, as expected from an orchestrator.

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