Payment Gateway Features

A white-label merchant application for acquirers, PSPs, and BaaS providers

Conquer new markets and unlock opportunities by converting small‑medium merchants. Provide them with a self‑service omnichannel commerce mobile app that enables an enterprise‑grade all‑in‑one business solution.

A white-label merchant application for acquirers, PSPs, and BaaS providers
A white-label merchant application for acquirers, PSPs, and BaaS providers

Construct your own mobile omnichannel commerce platform using our module approach

You can disable modules you don’t support and match the product with your current business model.

Enable new modules as your business evolves and scales to earn more and provide a consistent solution.

KYC onboarding Issuing & digital banking Issuing & digital banking Loyalty management In-app Point of Sale Shipping automation
Core modules
  • Order management
  • Customer management
  • Product & inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Business intelligence

The app is compatible with any software for issuing, acquiring and loyalty programs. Integrated with all Boxopay’s products.

Get a powerful tool for fast micro and SMB merchant acquisition that wouldn’t significantly affect your business processes

White-label business operating app

Start engaging the most massive and promising client segment in weeks, with no development hassle. Provide them with a valuable mobile payment and order management platform under your brand.

API-first architecture & integrations

Nurture your new clients and support their growth to medium and large brands, connecting any additional tools for seamless evolution. Manage them from your current gateway back-office.

Fast-onboarding & self-service

Reach ROI acceleration from the first months and make e‑commerce acquiring services profitable for you and your small merchants, reducing costs on total KYC and product support automation.

Multi-country capabilities

Multiply your profit on developing markets that you could lead with a simple and multi-functional retail omnichannel commerce platform, uniting payments, sales, marketing, and business intelligence.

Use a unified white-label merchant app for any business type


Restaurants & food

Professional services



Your option

Custom features

Ask us for tailor-made feature development or customization services to satisfy the specific needs of your merchants.

On-premises deployment

Control your data and technology, and stay completely independent of your software vendor using on-premises deployment.

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Ensure next-gen omnichannel capabilities for merchants and their customers

Omnichannel payments

Omnichannel payments

Acquire payments from any touchpoint with any payment method.

  • Any card type, Apple Pay, Google Pay
  • Payment links & QR codes
  • Cash
  • Tap to Pay terminal
  • Your option
Omnichannel commerce

Omnichannel commerce

Let your merchants sell their products anywhere they want.

  • One-click built online shop
  • In-app point of sale
  • E-invoicing
  • Social media
  • Your option

Omnichannel orders

Simplify merchants’ routines and provide a seamless experience with united order processing for any touchpoint.

Your merchants don’t need to work with the external gateway, POS, or digital bank back-offices. The app is the only tool needed for most business operations.

Allow your merchants to start selling immediately after registration with our one-click-built online shop

  • Pre-built templates for different niches
  • Simple customization in a visual editor
  • A robust product search including search by characteristics
  • Custom domain URLs
  • SEO tools
  • Popular & recommended products
  • Multivariate products and custom unit groups
  • Available products in stock
  • One-click purchase option
  • Multi-language

Make your merchants’ businesses enterprise-grade from the first steps

Get a clear competitive edge by providing advanced payment, commerce, and marketing features.

Digital banking

Loyalty program

Shipping automation

Virtual card and digital banking

If you have an issuing option, after merchant onboarding provide a virtual card with Google Pay / Apple Pay compatibility and fully-functional digital banking to receive commercial and personal payments, make payouts, and do online operations.

Loyalty program management

Provide your merchants with our powerful loyalty engine, generating discounts, points, cashback, coupons, referrals, coalitions, free shipping, and synchronizing online and in-person sales.

Shipping automation

Our solution is integrated with local shipping services so that your merchant can automatically send delivery information and payments to them, set up tracking numbers, and finish orders when the package is delivered.

Provide an all-in-one business solution

A powerful mobile-only omnichannel e-commerce platform to start selling in hours and manage all business and financial processes through a single window.


Signing in and fast onboarding

Use our automated KYC onboarding tool uniting cutting-edge third-party identification and screening services to automate AML compliance and gather all the necessary data for merchant account opening and card issuing.


Online shop launch with a few clicks

Merchants can configure a website template, payment methods, brand style, languages, store information, work schedule, locations, and social.


Products and categories import, inventory management

We have tools for setting up unit groups, characteristics, special marks, and quantity for different SKUs and adding multivariate products, manually or by file import. Your merchants can also export their databases. An example of a stock management feature is they can show customers out-of-stock products and available amounts.


Providing access for employees

Merchants are able to add their teams and provide each person with their own app, and custom permissions. They also can connect sellers with orders and track personal statistics.


Customer management

Let your merchants add new customers manually, or with online shop orders, identifying them by phone number. They can also check customers’ order history and loyalty status, handily give or take points, as well as support users via in-app chat.


Online order processing

Your merchants are able to acquire online payments via a fully-functional payment page embedded into the checkout. In-app order omnichannel management allows them to cancel or apply customers’ orders after the product availability check.


Enablement of in-app point of sale

Merchants and their sellers can send or reserve orders via the in-app shop or via scanning barcodes. They can contact customers in person or by phone. Connecting orders with clients they are able to apply points or other loyalties. After payment, the system automatically generates a fiscal receipt.


Getting actionable insights with business intelligence

There are a lot of dashboards available for merchants to make data-driven decisions, including team, income, receipt statistics, top products, loyal customers, payments distributions by type, and much more.

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