Payment Gateway Features
Serve merchants of any size in any niche
Share your value via web or mobile apps
Provide loyalty solutions worldwide
Manage your merchants with ease
Use the opportunity of the rising merchant-service market to ensure your competitive edge
CAGR of 20% till 2025

Acquirers’ value-added offerings as payment-linked loyalty solutions will perform growth at a CAGR of 20% till 2025, while core transaction processing – 8-10%.

Growth comes from SMBs

Most of the expected growth comes from SMBs, who also require more business management mobility.

Broader merchant services

Payment processing services take just 10% of the merchant’s business costs, so most innovative providers are going to participate in merchants’ expenses more broadly.

According to McKinsey & Company research
Enhance your payment software with no hassle
Ready-to-go product

Set up your loyalty payment solution in a few weeks without needing developers. Provide your merchants with a feature-rich market-ready product.

White-label software

Get an all-in-one solution for payment-linked loyalty program management, combining general and personalized campaign capabilities, branded with your own style.

Simple integration

Whether you use Boxopay’s white-label payment gateway or your own solution – we’ll ensure smooth integration of your payment page and loyalty software. No additional merchant data sources are needed.

Turnkey cloud platform

Leave all the tech matters to your payment loyalty solution provider. We’ll take care of software setup, hosting, maintenance, support, and on-demand tailor-made feature development services to maximize your merchants’ satisfaction.

Get a full-fledged
loyalty SaaS management toolkit
Multi-tenant architecture
No-code admin back-office
Multi-currency & multi-language
Merchant management for simple business scaling

Set up new merchant accounts with individual rate plans, or deactivate them.

Rate plan management for business agility

Create an unlimited number of rate plans with flexible metrics and conditions.

Roles and access management

Add employees as platform users, customizing necessary access rights.

Campaign management for control and support

Validate your merchants’ activities and moderate their campaigns.

Provide your merchants with payment loyalty technology to increase customer lifetime value
customer acquisition cost
new customer engagement
customer retention rate
brand awareness

To maximize customer engagement with traditional marketing activity for specific item groups.


To stimulate repeat purchases with points, calculated by the criteria you set including expiration date.


To increase customer loyalty by offering returning % of the check.


To offer personal or general, disposable or reusable coupons.


To grow brand loyalty, reward ambassadors, and engage new customers.


To expand shopping malls or business network performance and reduce marketing costs.

Deliver a merchant self-serve solution for loyalty management
No-code back-office
Robust API
Loyalty program engine

To set up any marketing activities with multiple parameters, including item or item category, payment method, and minimum check amount to personalize loyalty programs.

25+ report types in useful dashboards

To get data-driving insights, calculate loyalty ROI, and reduce marketing costs.

Flexible management tools

To reduce dependence on an IT department, track orders history, and each order details, manage customers and items, check events via action journal.

Communication tools

To inform consumers about marketing activities via emails.

A payment-linked loyalty solution for growing and large brands
  • Omnichannel loyalty
  • Personalized loyalty campaigns
  • Tenant and coalition management
  • Non-transactional programs
  • Multi-country activities
  • Access management

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