Payment Gateway Features

A white-label payment gateway to set up your own merchant acquiring service

Launch and take full control over your acquiring bank, PSP, or payment gateway functionality with a brandable on‑premises platform that covers all your and your merchants’ business needs.

A white-label payment gateway to set up your own merchant acquiring service
A white-label payment gateway to set up your own merchant acquiring service

A trustworthy software, proven by our clients’ practice

1,3 bn

transactions processed

10 k

merchants serving



A white-label payment gateway solution that meets providers' sky-high expectations

Acquirer bank

Acquirer bank

Out-of-the-box functionality, automating and gathering most of your business process management in a single window.

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A flexible merchant-oriented integrating solution that ensures your competitive edge and limitless capabilities for evolution.

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Traditional bank

Traditional bank

Easy-to-embed software enhances your market opportunities and provides acquiring functionality for merchants and PSPs.

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Business support services

We lead you every step of the way to your first transactions and the next

Beginning with the proof of your market and tech fit, we go through resource assessment and realistic planning of your business development.

We provide integration, customization, and technical support services as well as help with licensing and certification. Benefit from our assistance for entering new markets and unique 10-year fintech expertise that ensures a turnkey new PSPs or acquirers launch.

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Choose a delivery model that fits your current priorities

You can change the model any time as your business grows



An optimal option for a fast and cost-effective start. No development costs, infrastructure, or tech team hires are required. You also don’t need a PCI DSS certification.



Host our payments processing software on‑premises or on your cloud infrastructure, get 100% control of your merchants’ and business data and product evolution capabilities.

Boxopay’s white-label payment gateway software is ready for your and your merchants’ branding

A white-label payment gateway software under your own brand A white-label payment gateway software under your own brand A white-label payment gateway software under your own brand
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We offer advanced features both for acquiring service providers and the merchants they serve

Enjoy a full-fledged white-label payment processing solution that allows you to deliver market-fit values for merchants and seamlessly run and scale your business.

For merchants

Maintain merchants of any size and any type globally

From no-code to complete API integration
Hosted payment page
Multi-language & multi-currency
Google Pay
Apple Pay
Any payment methods

For small and medium merchants

E-invoicing and QR

Manual generation of payment links for sharing via email or in messengers.

Payments with or without 3-D Secure

DSRP payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay)

Customers can use Apple Pay or Google Pay instead of entering their card information on a hosted payment page. We also support tokenized DSRP payments with Apple Pay/Google Pay implemented on the merchant's side.

Alternative payment methods

Support for cryptocurrency payments, as well as using OpenBanking providers, Cash-In terminals, and similar methods.

Card tokenization with VTS

Visa Token Service (VTS) is a security feature from Visa. Once a customer makes their first payment on your website, it replaces their card number in our system with a unique identifier known as a token. For subsequent payments, the token is used instead of the actual card number.

Embeddable payment widget

Merchants which are not PCI DSS certified can place a JavaScript payment widget on their page. This widget is fully customizable and integrates smoothly into the checkout interface on the merchant's side.

Static payment link

Generating multiple-use links for payment on a fixed amount.

Customizable payment page

Merchant portal

Fast onboarding

All-in-one functionality for fast online merchant onboarding, data collecting, and generating access to the merchant portal.

For large merchants

Server-to-server integration

Embedding payment functionality into the website. PCI DSS Level 1 is required.

SMS and DMS transactions

Support of single message system (unified authorization and charge) or dual message system (separated authorization and charge).

Dynamic descriptor

Empowering merchants with the ability to dynamically create descriptors for each payment.

Account Verification Service (AVS)

Verifying card сredentials without blocking or charging funds.

Robust API

For international brands




For digital platforms

Split payments

Payments distribution between sub-merchants for marketplaces.

Recurring payments

Сustomer initiated payments and Merchant initiated payments using Card-on-File.

One-click payments

Customers can save their card for faster future payments. For subsequent payments, only the CVV code will be requested from the customer.

High-risk (HR) identifiers

In some regions, payments associated with gambling, forex, crypto and similar purposes are allowed and should be marked for payment systems accordingly.

Payment facilitator

Payment facilitators, often referred to as "PF," simplify the process for small businesses to facilitate card payments. They act as intermediaries between businesses and acquirers, streamlining the setup to accept cards without significant complexity.


Marketplaces may identify their transactions based on the region or product category of their sub-merchants according to the payment system requirements.

Secure card storage

A secure card vault that meets PCI DSS requirements. Saved cards can be used for embedded tokenization, one-click payments, MIT payments, and for processing refunds.

Non-CVV payments

The ability to conduct transactions in Cardholder Present (CIT) mode without requesting any card credentials from the cardholder.

OCT payouts

Original credit transactions. Payouts to cards according to P2P or A2C scenarios.

AFT payments

Let your merchants increase conversion with a fully-customizable payment page

Fully customizable

The payment page can be branded with the payment gateway’s style, alternatively each merchant can brand it according to their own preferences.

The best UX

Adaptive to all platforms, mobile and desktop. Smooth user experience which utilizes autofill and input features on all devices.

Let your merchants increase conversion and reduce chargebacks with a fully-customizable payment page

A/B testing functionality

Customization and analytics tools, allowing your merchants to increase their conversion rate on the payment page.

Demanded features

  • Custom domain support
  • Widget for embedding
  • One-click payments with VTS
  • Detailed reason for payment rejection
  • Processing of non-standard cards and cards without CVV

Simplify your merchants' routines with a plain and adjustable portal


List of orders with details


Full control over payments: charge confirmations, refunds, reversals


Per-transaction payout report with all involved commissions


Payments segmentation



User access management


Blacklists of cards and customers


Data-driven decisions

Reports on turnover and income analytics of payment conversion


Segmented reports with dozens of useful filters


Provide your merchants with our API-first capabilities designed for a smooth integration

  • Well documented and easy to integrate RESTful API
  • Ready-made test scenarios for sandbox testing
  • Server-to-server and hosted page integrations with unified API
  • API integration of merchant back office features into your existing system
  • API calls logging in the merchant back office for convenient debugging
Provide your merchants with our API-first capabilities designed for a smooth user experience
Let’s look closer at functionality for merchants

Let’s look closer at functionality for merchants

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For providers

Use our powerful modules to set up and scale your business with ease

Maximize your and your merchants’ revenue


Smart routing



Multi-provider solution

Boxopay is a white-label payment gateway provider that establishes connection capabilities with any payment providers and processing centers globally to ensure you’re set up with the most effective interest rate. We also provide on-demand integration services with unlimited providers and have ready-made integration with a Visa/Mastercard processing center for acquirers.

Multi-provider solution

Smart routing and cascading

Flexible routing to maximize your conversion. Create routes to different terminals based on BIN, Country, Issuer, 3-D Secure, Card Number, Transaction Amount and a dozen more configurable parameters.

Smart routing and cascading

Scoring anti-fraud with customizable rules and limits engine

Utilize our white-label online payment gateway with efficient risk management solutions to maintain sustainable business operations without painful lowering your conversion rates.

  • Flexible configuration of antifraud and limits designed to find a balance between payment acceptance rate and fraud levels.
  • Individual rules for merchants.
  • Smart 3-D Secure instead of fraud-based rejection.
  • Rules for controlling cumulative values, such as the turnover for a single card per day or month.
Basic antifraud and limits engine

Multi-currency and converting functionality

Provide your merchants with multi-currency payment accepting, accounts, and conversion markup functionality. Expand your earning opportunities by setting up a basic currency for each merchant project and a custom conversion fee for non-settlement currencies.

Multicurrency and converting functionality

Automate your routine and reduce business costs



Financial accounting

Fast onboarding

Basic accounting and contracts

Establish and customize unique commercial terms with merchants and providers. Configure fixed and percentage fees, commission returns for refunds, penalties for chargebacks, markups and specific rates for various card types and issuers. Manage payout delays and monitor commissions, income, and reimbursements for merchants in real time.

  • Individual contracts with merchants and providers.
  • Support for both PSP/Acquirer and TPP mode.
  • Setting up a schedule for automatic modification of contract terms.
  • Maximum and minimum limits on applied rates.
  • Accounting of rolling reserve.
  • Displays applied fees and resulting income for each operation in real-time.
Basic accounting and contracts


Save significant time with manual or automatic reconciliation across multiple projects, payment methods, and currencies using our white-label gateway for payments. Streamline your relationships with providers and merchants, transforming time-consuming reporting and incorrect payment parsing into a one-minute task.

  • Two-sided transaction matching.
  • Automatic download of reconciliation reports according to a schedule.
  • Automatic handling the placement of chargebacks.
  • API for merchants to perform reconciliation.

Financial accounting

Use a powerful business engine covering full control and reporting tools for balances and cash flow accounting, including providers’ debt to the system, the system’s debt to merchants, and transfers from providers to merchants.

  • Double-entry accounting.
  • Customizable account chart.
  • Complete accounting of receivables and payables.
  • Real-time profit accounting per each transaction.
  • Files upload for the automatic processing of payment orders.
  • Large set of accounting reports.
Financial accounting

Fast merchant onboarding and management

Easily onboard merchants, manage their projects, and control accesses using our payment gateway solution-in-a-box.

Merchant onboarding with one click thanks to a wizard function based on standard project settings and contracts. Individual settings can be established later at any time.

Fast merchant onboarding and management

Keep your business and tech healthy


Monitoring system


We are a white-label payment gateway vendor that allows monitoring your and your merchants’ business performance in real-time with simple dashboards. Access visualized reports on the progress of operations, reasons for failures, countries of issuers, and more.


Monitoring system

Simple business-oriented monitoring rules allow for automatic detection of issues with low payment acceptance rates or increased error levels at the merchant integration level.

Monitoring system

Use all provided modules and manage entire business processes in a single web back-office


Ready to launch your own acquiring service with Boxopay’s white-label payment processing software?

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