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Launch your own payment processing service for modern acquirers

Stand out from troublesome processors and open new opportunities in the market of acquirers with our next-gen white-label payment processing software and turnkey business development services.

Launch your own payment processing service for modern acquirers
Launch your own payment processing service for modern acquirers

Boxopay’s white-label technical processing could be your godsend if you are a

bank acquirer

bank acquirer

tired of high processor fees, bad support, and hassle processes, and you want to build a company to serve your own needs and engage other acquirers.

paytech startup

paytech startup

and want to build from scratch or enhance your existing platform to provide high-tech processing solutions for banks and EMIs, and optimize your operational costs.

The global merchant acquiring market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% during 2022-2026

We also provide a full-featured white-label payment gateway

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Take advantage of a ready-made white-label payment processor

Save years and thousands of Euros on in-house development or stop purchasing unnecessary software from enterprise vendors.

Take advantage of a ready-made white-label payment processor

A turnkey business solution and service

including business consulting, certification support, and back-office, automating most of your business processes

Competitive value for acquirers

including merchant onboarding tools, friendly reports, acquirer’s back-office, and simple API integration

Cut-price software

focused only on card processing for acquirers instead of heavy all-in-one payment software platforms

A flexible solution

simply adopted for your needs in software and business development, deployment, and management

Choose an option for white-label processing provider creation that fits your requirements

We deliver two-layer software for business owners and developers that covers low-level technical operations, and an entire range of business processes


Card scheme gateway

If you enhance your existing paytech platform or want to create a custom product for acquirers, use our technologically modern payment processor core, supporting e-com and POS payments.

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Card scheme gateway

Processor business platform

If you already have your own processing core, you can seamlessly integrate it with our white-label processor for e-commerce, including a full-featured back-office for your business automation, human- and machine-friendly report generation, and merchant management tools for acquirers.

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Processor business platform

End-to-end business solution

We combine the processor core and business management software. And we support you with Visa/Mastercard processor status, infrastructure development, and first acquirers integration.

End-to-end business solution

Turnkey payment processing provider launch

Set up your business with ease and reliable partner support

We have experience in launching companies, becoming top of the European market, and we know all about the pains of new processing startups. We provide you with all the necessary software, covering the entire range of business processes and leading you through the most challenging stages of business development.


Visa/Mastercard turnkey certification

We cover all issues entirely, helping you receive a VisaNet Processor and Mastercard Member Service Provider status fast and efficiently, operating with prepared test cases and a set of requests for Visa/Mastercard certification environments.


Support with PCI DSS assessment

We help you with building a server infrastructure and completing PCI DSS Level 1 assessment, including risk assessments, employee training, and creating policies, procedures, and security control tools.

End-to-end white-label processor for acquirers

Provide a unique value for acquirers
and build an extremely efficient business

Earn more by focusing on modern e-commerce acquirers and ensuring market overperforming services with our tech and business toolkit

Reach maximum cost-effectiveness: clients per manager

Become a processor that acquirers will be afraid to lose

Provide perfect service without extra effort

Reduce time on support and problem solving

On-premises solution

For white-label processing centers

  • A full range of reports for acquirers based on card scheme raw files automatically converted into a human- and machine-readable format and loaded by schedule through local directories or SFTP.
  • Advanced settlement and batch management tools allow you to track all the transaction details and statuses.
  • Quarterly reports and detailed statistics for the chosen period by acquirers, card scheme, country, and so on.
  • Acquirer, merchant, and terminal management tools for simple new client setup.
  • Web back-office for all your white-label credit card processing departments' workflow automation.
For acquirers

For acquirers

  • Rich functionality, including AFT, payouts (OCT/MoneySend), high-risk transactions, 3-D Secure v2, DSRP, tokenized transactions, recurring transactions, account verification service, partial authorization, and more.
  • Launching within 3 months thanks to modern Restful API with clear documentation.
  • In-built merchant onboarding tools for quick and independent scaling.
  • Manual work automation and error prevention with PDF/CSV reports.
  • Simple back-office for business automation, merchant, and transaction management.
More about processor business platform

Card scheme gateway

Overcome vendor lock
and build your paytech product

Our processor core combines all the pros and eliminates all the cons of ready-made software purchasing

How it works
  • Do not pay for heavy all-in-one enterprise platforms with unnecessary features
  • Get rid of additional license fees for updates according to new payment system mandates
  • Get full control over your technology, hosting the software on your own infrastructure
  • Get comprehensive support in software implementation, and easy integration services
How it works
Software advantages

A headless and stateless solution

Build any custom add-on over the core that does not require data storage.

Multiple card schemes

Build a connection with any card scheme to expand your clients’ range.

Simple tech interaction

Use our API for exchanging ISO8583 standard packets with a card scheme in a simple JSON format.

Simple mandate processing

Business mandates from card schemes do not require software updates and can be applied dynamically through API interactions.

Easy document exchange

Receive data from the card schemes in a simple human-readable CSV/PDF format and automatically send it to acquirers.

Built-in Interchange Rate Designator (IRD) resolver

Prevent errors and correctly resolve IRD for MasterCard transactions.

Main features

Online interactions with card schemes

A set of stateless services that provide a permanent connection to the card scheme and automatically implement technical data exchange for transaction authorization.

Offline interactions with card schemes

A set of file converters for clearing processing with card schemes and for receiving financial and tech reports, BIN/RANGE tables, exchange rates, and reference data from card schemes.

Pre-built analytical dashboards

Prometheus+Grafana monitoring system, providing data about authorizations and system health in real time.

A solution for Visa/Mastercard certification

We provide a set of ready-made requests for offline and online Visa/Mastercard certification environments, required for successful certification.

More about processor core

Why partner with Boxopay — a white-label payment processor vendor?

Strong expertise

Strong expertise

  • 13 years of experience
  • Successfully launched processing companies in Europe
  • Business consulting and support until your first transactions
  • Leading your certification process
Tech support

Tech support

  • Comprehensive software setup
  • 2 times per month system updates
  • Integration services
  • Infrastructure support
  • On-demand tailor-made development
Full compliance

Full compliance

  • GDPR
  • PSD2
  • PCI DSS Level 1

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Ready to launch your own payment processing company with Boxopay?

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