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Payment Gateway’s API as an Added-Value for Merchants

13 April, 2023 8 min read



    Table of contents:

  1. What is a payment API?
  2. 4 Benefits of a payment gateway API
  3. What opportunities does Boxopay API for payment gateway offer?
  4. FAQ

Developers are one of the cornerstones in the age of omnichannel customer service. You can’t build a successful business without proper processing of all the data, especially when it comes to payment information. To ensure a seamless experience for all parties involved, providers enable developers to use APIs, greatly simplifying the company’s interaction with the customer and vice versa. This is especially true for acquiring banks, payment service providers, as well as merchants, for which convenience and speed of interaction are always the top priority. In fact, API is a key value provided by an acquirer or PSP for medium and large merchants who want to embed payment instruments directly into their backend and business ecosystem. So, let’s have a look at what is a payment gateway API and what features should be considered by developers when choosing one.

What is a payment API?

So what is an API for payment gateway? Basically, it is the software needed to integrate the payment solution with another, existing application. To put it simply, a payment gateway API is a “layer” between two different systems. With the help of this intermediate layer, systems exchange data and perform various functions. An excellent example of payment API implementation in payment acquiring network is the connection of the checkout function to the payment system.

API for payment gateway is extremely convenient because it does not require the customer to visit another site as well as allows merchants to use all the functionality of the back office at the level of their custom business ecosystem. Thus it increases the probability that clients finish the transaction and buy everything they planned and the merchant will not have to work with several different products, combining their business processes in a single interface.

What can your merchants do with API integration for payment gateway?

Payment APIs allow merchants to avoid building a payment processing infrastructure from scratch, which saves time and gives more control over the customer experience. Here are a few examples of what merchants can do with a payment API:

  • Accept payments by credit and debit cards
  • Accept extra types of payments (e.g. ACH or foreign payment methods)
  • Set up recurring payments/periodic billing
  • Customize fields in the checkout
  • Perform bank transfers
  • Accept cryptocurrency as payment
  • Route payments to various accounts according to set criteria
  • Configure security features
  • Submit invoices

4 Benefits of a payment gateway API

In addition to the basic functionality of being able to accept payments, payment gateway API integration has a number of other advantages.

Interact with customers in more than one place

Merchants can greatly expand the geographic reach of customer interactions. Having reliable APIs for developers allow for the integration of mobile and contextual payments into the payment infrastructure. Thus, the number of places of interaction with the customer increases significantly.

Smarter marketing decisions

With the payment gateway APIs you can collect purchase data in real time. So a well-designed API can be a powerful tool for understanding customer behavior and building business strategies.

Wide variety of payment options

Good API for payment gateway allows users to accept all payment options i.e. all types of credit cards, alternative payment methods (like PayPal or Visa Checkout), and international currencies. This flexibility can make it much easier to do business in different regions.

Customer data remains safe and secure

The use of APIs ensures that there are no security risks because the responsibility for customer data is on the software provider, as well as the concern for confidentiality of payment card fields. Merchants no longer need to store data on their own websites as a modern API is equipped with multiple layers of security in compliance with all regulations.

What opportunities does Boxopay API for payment gateway offer?

Boxopay white-label payment gateway solution is an opportunity to get software with an integrated payment API. We offer the gateway’s API standard in a REST style, based on the JSON-API specification. The API provides universal access to operate through the payment page or directly in a host-to-host way. Let’s take a look at the main functions of this solution.

Key Features

Boxopay payment gateway API has a wide basic functionality to satisfy all user needs.

  • Ability to make 1-stage and 2-stage payments. Payments are represented as orders. Orders keep general information about payment as well as cardholder details. Transactions are represented as a sequence of operations associated with the order, for instance: authorize, charge, refund.
  • Ability to customize payment flows on the payment page or server-to-server using universal API.
  • Extensive customization options, such as optional fields for additional parameters.
  • Segment selection to divide payments.
  • Selection of the payment page language and layout.
  • Setting payment session expiration timeout.
  • Ability to configure recurrent payments.
  • Working with different currencies.
  • Easy integration with all types of devices due to convenient JSON format.
curl 'https://api/orders/12345678?expand=card,client'

         "amount" : "20.00",
         "amount_charged" : "0.00",
         "amount_refunded" : "0.00",
         "auth_code" : "123456",
         "created" : "2023-04-14 16:03:43",
         "currency" : "EUR",
         "id" : "12345678",
         "merchant_order_id" : "2222222",
         "operations" : [
               "amount" : "20.00",
               "auth_code" : "123456",
               "created" : "2023-04-14 16:04:36",
               "currency" : "EUR",
               "iso_message" : "Approved",
               "iso_response_code" : "00",
               "status" : "success",
               "trace_id" : "ABCDEFXYZ0000",
               "type" : "authorize"
         "pan" : "555555****4444",
         "rrn" : "1234567890",
         "status" : "authorized",
         "updated" : "2023-04-14 16:04:36"
         "card" : {
            "holder" : "John Smith",
            "subtype" : "classic",
            "type" : "mastercard"
         "client" : {
            "address" : "Main ave. 1",
            "city" : "San Francisco",
            "country" : "USA",
            "email" : "",
            "name" : "John Smith",
            "phone" : "+1 456 890",
            "state" : "CA",
            "zip" : "123456"

Here’s the list of requests supported in Boxopay API:

  • Payment through the payment page.
  • Single-stage payment.
  • Authorize (including DSRP).
  • Reversal.
  • Charge, including partial.
  • Refund, including partial.
  • Rebill — repeating payment.
  • Credit — card payout (including detached, without pre-authorization).
  • Token Pay – payment with encrypted payload from Google/Apple Pay.
  • Order information.
  • Orders list.
  • Operations list.
  • Exchange rates list.
  • Test Request.
  • WebHooks support for notification of payment status changes.

Clear Documentation

By choosing Boxopay payment gateway you get access to all API documentation. The documentation describes the functionality in detail so you can use all the features of the solution.

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Up-to-date UI and UX

Boxopay API integration for payment gateway facilitates advanced UI/UX design practices. Our solution is flexible and allows customization according to customer needs. The API uses the best practices for building a convenient user experience. For example, you can set repeating payments without providing the card number, expiration date, and cardholder name or specify the number of entries on the page in the list of orders (operations).

Robust Security

Boxopay takes all security measures seriously. For example, our credit card API for developers uses advanced authentication using client certificates and the ability to perform authorizations with zero-amount. The API is also equipped with advanced security technologies such as DSRP (Digital Secure Remote Payments) and 3-D Secure 2.0 support.

Dynamic descriptor

Boxopay payment gateway API integration allows to customize merchant name and location as they are shown in cardholder’s bank statement and SMS from the issuer. The default merchant name and location associated with MID can be overridden with custom values for each payment request.

Payments testing

Boxopay payments API for developers allows merchants to test payments using the test terminal. This feature allows you to test the terminal accepting any valid test card numbers, any valid date of expiration, CVV-code, and cardholder name. The test terminal accepts all payments with valid credentials.

curl https://api/ping

   "date" : "2023-04-14 16:04:50",
   "message" : "PONG!"

If you are a PSP or an acquirer and want to provide merchants with a good modern service, you cannot do without a modern and functional API. Contact Boxopay API provider experts and get access to an advanced technological solution and detailed instructions on how to use it.


Which payment gateway API is best?

The best payment gateway API is the one that is perfectly tailored to the business needs of its owner. That’s why it’s better to order custom or white-label payment solutions to be able to customize everything.

Why merchants need payment gateway APIs?

With the help of payment gateway APIs, merchants can greatly increase the flow of customers. Benefits of a payment gateway include the ability to accept payments by credit and debit cards, set up recurring payments/periodic billing, perform bank transfers, and much more. Also, APIs have advanced security features so merchants don’t have to worry about data safety and regulatory compliance.

How to choose payments API for developer?

A great choice for developers is to use a white-label on-premises or SaaS payment platform from a trusted vendor. This way you can integrate a powerful solution with extensive customization options into your infrastructure.

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